Relationship Twin Zygosity Test

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A twin zygosity test is a DNA test that definitively shows whether twins are identical or fraternal. When twins are born, the physician usually is able to tell whether they are identical or fraternal by examining the placenta. 

However, sometimes records can be lost, the placenta might have been discarded or damaged before twin zygosity was determined, or doubt may arise because of the twins’ physical characteristics. In such cases, only a DNA test can reveal the truth. A twin zygosity test compares the twins’ DNA profiles to see whether they match—an exact match proves the twins are identical.

Two (2) business days from receipt of all samples

Chain-of-Custody Requirements

Chain-of-custody requirements must be fulfilled for test results to be defensible in any legal situation, such as inheritance disputes. These requirements include the following:

Non-Chain-of-Custody Requirements

In most cases, twin zygosity testing is used for personal knowledge only. In a non-chain-of-custody test, samples are collected by the patients themselves. Results of this test are for personal knowledge only and may not be used for legal purposes.


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